8 Reasons Why PP Hollow Sheet Packaging Boxes Have Become The Most Popular New Material

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PP hollow sheet packaging boxes are produced from environmentally friendly polypropylene. Polypropylene is a low density, odourless and non-toxic plastic material with good strength, stiffness, hardness and heat resistance, and can be used at around 100°C. It has good dielectric properties and high frequency insulation and is unaffected by moisture and humidity.

Therefore, polypropylene is very suitable for making logistics express packaging boxes, fruit packaging boxes, vegetable packaging boxes, food packaging boxes, etc.

The Benefits Of PP Hollow Sheet Packaging Boxes Are Many:

1. PP Hollow Sheet Packaging Boxes With Low Cost

The cost is lower than other materials, and significant savings can be made in the process from importing materials to producing the finished product and then delivering it.

2. Lightweight

The material is light and easy to carry and move.

3. Environmentally Friendly

PP hollow board has environmental safety characteristics, non-toxic and non-polluting, easy waste disposal, no environmental pollution, can be recycled and made into other plastic products.

4. Anti-Static, Strong Flame Retardant Performance

Through modification, mixing, surface spraying and other methods, plastic hollow panels can be made with antistatic, conductive or flame retardant properties, which can significantly improve safety in the process of use.

5. Sound Insulation, Good Heat Insulation Effect

The hollow structure of plastic panels has good heat and sound insulation properties.

6. Excellent Physical Properties

The special structure of plastic hollow panels has good mechanical properties, such as good toughness, impact resistance, high compressive strength, buffering and shock resistance, and high bending performance.

7. Stable Chemical Properties

PP hollow sheet are chemically stable, waterproof, moisture-proof, corrosion-proof and insect-proof, which has obvious advantages compared with paper and wooden panels.

8. Smooth Surface, Not Easy To Damage

Plastic hollow sheet is rich in colour, smooth and beautiful surface, not easy to break.

To sum up, PP hollow sheet packaging box is made of environmentally friendly polypropylene (PP), a plastic material with low density, no odour, no toxicity, good strength, rigidity, hardness and heat resistance.

It has good dielectric and high-frequency insulation properties and is not affected by humidity, making it suitable for making logistics express packaging boxes, fruit and vegetable packaging boxes, food packaging boxes, etc.

Due to its resistance to common acids, alkalis and organic solvents, it is 20 times more reusable than ordinary paper courier boxes when applied to the courier industry, is abrasion and water resistant, has a lightweight structure and is pressure resistant, reducing the need for cushioning materials within the box while better protecting the integrity of the goods.

These properties are unmatched by ordinary courier paper boxes.

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8 Reasons Why PP Hollow Sheet Packaging Boxes Have Become The Most Popular New Material

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