A Corrugated Paper Box Is A Packaging Cardboard Box Made Of Corrugated Cardboard

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One depends on the composition of the carton. Three layers of cartons are made of face paper, corrugated paper and base paper. Five layers of cardboard box with a layer of corrugated paper, a layer of core paper in the middle. The five-story cardboard box is more than three, and naturally more expensive than three.

Two to see the smoothness of the paper and the weight of the paper. Relatively speaking, the heavier the gram weight, the better the quality. The same as three layers of cartons, if the use of base paper weight and price is also different. Box surface paper is generally made of good kraft paper, smooth surface, feel without burrs. The quality of the embedded paper is slightly worse.

Three to see the ripple intensity and ripple degree. The ripples of the three layers of carton are high and low. Five layers of cardboard box with high and low collocation. The ripple height can be divided into ACBE from high to low, which are commonly used. Three layers of cartons generally use ABE three, five layers of cardboard box is generally AB. E corrugated board price is slightly higher, AB type corrugated price is the same.

Four is the color of the printing, whether the ink is uniform, clear handwriting. There are some phenomena such as no leakage.

Five to pay attention to whether the shaking of the box is balanced, whether there are burrs around. Whether the indentation on the surface of the folding box can be easily folded without cracks.

Ripple carton is a packaging box made of corrugated cardboard as raw material, widely used for transportation packaging. Corrugated cardboard boxes are widely used because of their unique advantages.

  1. Good buffering properties. The bellows has a special structure, its internal 60~70% of the cardboard volume is a cavity, so it has a good shock absorption, to avoid the collision and impact of the packaged items.
  2. Light in weight and strong in strength. Ripple cardboard is a hollow structure, with very little material to form a large rigidity, so light. Firm, compared with the same volume of wooden boxes, only the wooden box weight of 14~15.
  3. Small external size. During storage and transportation, corrugated paper box can be folded into a flat plate, convenient storage and transportation; use, open into a box, much larger than the same volume of wooden box.
  4. Sufficient raw materials and costs. There are many raw materials for making corrugated cardboard, corner wood. bamboo. ryegrass. Reed and so on can be, so the cost is low, only about half of the same volume of the wooden box.
  5. It is conducive to production automation. Now has built a set of corrugated box production automatic production line, can produce large quantities of corrugated boxes.
  6. Low cost of packaging operation. The use of corrugated paper box for goods packaging, easy to realize the automatic packaging of items, reduce the packaging workload, but also reduce the packaging cost.
  7. Be able to pack many items. The corrugated paper box itself packaging items are more, but if combined with a variety of covers, moisture-proof materials, coupled with the production of corrugated boxes, more can expand the scope of use, such as moisture-proof corrugated boxes can package fruit. Vegetables; covered with plastic film and wrapped with corrugated paper; the box can form a sealed package for packing liquid, semi-fluid items, etc.
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