Competition Among Three Printing Methods Of Corrugated Packaging

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The domestic market demand for corrugated paperboard is increasing, and the production concept of carton is also changing greatly. Before 2000, the production purpose of corrugated packaging was mainly to facilitate transportation. As time went on, the printing of corrugated packaging became more and more important, and the selection of printing methods directly affected the printing quality, speed, cost and other factors.

This paper compared the three most commonly used printing methods of corrugated packaging printing offset printing, flexographic printing and preprint, hoping to provide a reference for the corrugated packaging printing industry. Before this century, transmission printing machine was used for corrugated packaging printing, with low production quality and efficiency. The new corrugated packaging printing adopts better printing machinery, more advanced printing technology, and newer printing methods, which are more diversified than the old corrugated packaging printing methods.

At present, offset printing and flexographic printing are most widely used for corrugated paperboard, and preprint has not been widely used in the field of corrugated printing in China. In terms of its current application, the trend and prospect are very promising.

1、There Are Two Kinds Of Offset Printing Of Offset Corrugated Board Packaging

direct offset printing and indirect offset printing. Direct offset printing refers to the direct printing of corrugated paperboard with a special offset press. Direct offset printing is relatively mature abroad, but it is still in its infancy at home. As a new technology, it is not widely used in the field of corrugated packaging printing as indirect offset printing, but the direct offset printing effect is ideal. It is suitable for thin corrugated cardboard (such as G type and F type micro corrugated paper boards), and can be used to make packaging boxes and gift boxes for household appliances, toys, food, electronic products, etc, It is likely to become the development direction of high-end corrugated box printing in China. The conventional offset printing corrugated box adopts indirect printing, that is, first printing the paper on the box, and then pasting it on the corrugated. The required machinery includes ordinary offset printing machine and full-automatic and semi-automatic covering machine.

2、Flexographic Printing

Flexographic printing refers to flexographic printing, which belongs to relief printing, but the printing plate is soft. Due to the uneven thickness of corrugated board, if rigid printing plate is used, the pressure on the paper surface will be inconsistent. The solid part of the corrugated paper will be pasted, and the empty part will be damaged due to poor contact. The embossing force is difficult to control, and the corrugated box will be damaged. The pressure of flexographic printing is only 1/30 of that of traditional letterpress printing, and the deformation of corrugated board after embossing is very small. The water-based ink selected for flexographic printing is almost completely absorbed by corrugated paper as long as it lightly touches the corrugated board. The commonly used flexographic plate materials include photoresist resin plate and rubber.


Preprinting refers to printing the roll of face paper before the production of corrugated board, receiving the paper into rolls after printing, and then sending the printed face paper to the corrugated paper production machine for veneer forming. The pre printed corrugated box is not affected by the printing pressure, so the corrugated box after forming has an ideal appearance.

There are two types of preprint: flexographic preprint and gravure preprint. Flexographic preprint is a process in which the face paper is printed and rolled by flexographic printing machine, and then is overlaid on the corrugated board to form corrugated board. Many foreign corrugated packaging printing enterprises focus on the use of flexographic preprint.

Gravure printing preprint is a process in which the face paper is printed by a gravure printing machine, rolled, and then pasted onto the corrugated board to form corrugated board. For our country, gravure printing is more mature than flexographic printing, so at present, corrugated packaging printing focuses on gravure pre printing, which is more in line with the actual situation of our country.

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