Packaging Industry Analysis Of Pp Hollow Board

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There are many kinds of packaging products in the industry, including cartons, plastic packaging, and the following PP hollow boards. PP hollow boards are mostly used to package fruit products, because some vegetables and fruits may be packaged and transported in cartons and plastic packaging. Let’s follow Jianxin to see the following cases!

I believe you know more about carton packaging. If our vegetables are kept for a long time, such as 2 hours, during transportation, they will become rancid in hot summer.

In the logistics industry, more and more PP hollow boards are used, and the commodities will gradually replace the building templates in the wood templates, and then save a lot of wood resources for the country, maintain the environment, optimize the environment. Low carbon emission reduction effect PP hollow boards are the use of hot melt adhesives. Plastic hollow plate is generally used for floor protection in the construction industry.

The thickness and size of the base plate can be customized according to customer requirements. The company can provide standard color cards for customers to choose or customize colors. The above is an analysis of the growing application of PP hollow board in the construction industry introduced by Jianxin Plastics.

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