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Corrugated Plastic Real Estate Signs

Quick Details:

Brand Name: JianXIn
Material: Eco-friendly Polypropylene
Printing: UV Printing & Screen Printing
Color: White, Blue, Black, Grey, Or Customized
Product specifications: customizable (maximum width 2300, length can be customized according to customer requirements)
Thickness (mm): sheet thickness 1.8MM-12MM
Grammage(g/sqm): according to the actual customized plate thickness

Corrugated plastic real estate signs have a strong promotional effect, usually showing the selling points of the property and establishing the brand image of the property. The tagline and headline of this type of copy are important and are directly related to whether or not it makes a good first impression. We can print fonts or patterns on corrugated plastic real estate signs to suit your requirements. The billboard copy is aimed at a target audience with a taste for life and focuses on the quality image and planning of the property. The copy is elegant and simple with a headline and a headline that establishes the overall image of the property, with the developer’s address and contact hotline at the end to facilitate further contact with consumers.

Advantages of Corrugated Plastic Yard Letters:

2.Easy assembly
3.Non-toxic, tasteless
4.Environmental protection and pollution -free
5.Anti-moisture and corrosion resistance

Advantages of Corrugated Plastic Sheet


Why choose us?

(1)Rich experience
Top 5 plastic corrugated sheet manufacturer in China. And “JianXIn” has a history of 17 years. We provide high quality service and fast delivery.
Learn more about us in the video below:

(2) Quality guarantee:
Each process of our products is under strict control. We have also obtained many certificates, including ISO9001 quality management certification, TUV international certification, SGS environmental protection certification, ROHS report, 20 patent certificates and so on.

Polyflute certificates

(3) Affordable price
Low material cost, low labor cost, Good workshop management reduces management costs. So our price is very competitive.

(4) Out Team
Pay more attention to employee’s benefitsprovide warm-heart sevice for all staffs,JianXin is the strong backstop for all employees
Out Team


1、Q: What is the minimum order quantity for your advertising signs?

A: We can order 100 sets. We can also do it if the quantity is smaller.

2、Q: What is your delivery time?

A: Usually 7-15 days. Special cases depend on the number of orders and the design.

3、Q:What kind of printing methods do you have?

A:For company advertising we recommend UV printing, it is full colour and can print any design you need.

4、Q: How do you package your products?

A:We normally pack 100 sets to a box. Special cases depend on the size of the 18 x 24 corrugated plastic yard signs you order.

5、Q:Is it waterproof?

A:Corrugated plastic sheets can be made waterproof.

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