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Roll Of Plastic Floor Protector

Quick Details:

Brand Name: JianXIn
Material: Eco-friendly Polypropylene
Color: White, Blue, Black, Grey, Or Customized
Product specifications: customizable (maximum width 2300, length can be customized according to customer requirements)
Thickness (mm): sheet thickness 1.8MM-12MM
Grammage(g/sqm): according to the actual customized plate thickness

The roll of plastic floor protector is the perfect alternative to cardboard and is suitable for a wide range of scenarios. It provides effective protection for floor protectors, doors, windows, stairs, walls etc. In the construction industry, roll of plastic floor protector is often used as a floor protector. These hollow sheets are cost effective, impact resistant, washable, recyclable and can be reused to save resources. Our roll of plastic floor protectors can generally be customised to a maximum width of 2300 mm, a thickness of 1.8-4 mm and an unlimited length. The panels are light and tough due to the many evenly distributed holes arranged in the middle of the panel to support the surface. It is padded on the floor or carpet during house renovation to protect the floor or carpet from the high intensity of pressure work during construction. Sometimes it is also used as floor protection or wall protection to prevent bumps and scratches to walls by individuals during construction.

Advantages of Correx Corrugated Plastic Floor Protection Sheets:

1.Strong pressure resistance, can carry 100kg/m2 pressure.
2.Wear-resistant and durable, it can be used repeatedly.
3.Washable, waterproof, oil-proof.
4.Moisture and humidity resistant, fireproof function, our panels will stop burning immediately after leaving the flame.
5.Non-toxic, non-polluting, corrosion-resistant.
6.Lightweight, cost-effective, and easy to install.
7.Easy to cut, crease, or bend, allowing you to protect any surface.

Advantages of Corrugated Plastic Sheet


Why choose us?

(1)Rich experience
Top 5 plastic corrugated sheet manufacturer in China. And “JianXIn” has a history of 17 years. We provide high quality service and fast delivery.
Learn more about us in the video below:

(2) Quality guarantee:
Each process of our products is under strict control. We have also obtained many certificates, including ISO9001 quality management certification, TUV international certification, SGS environmental protection certification, ROHS report, 20 patent certificates and so on.

Polyflute certificates

(3) Affordable price
Low material cost, low labor cost, Good workshop management reduces management costs. So our price is very competitive.

(4) Out Team
Pay more attention to employee’s benefitsprovide warm-heart sevice for all staffs,JianXin is the strong backstop for all employees
Out Team


1. Q: Do you have any in stock?

A:We do not have stock, our sizes are made to order according to customer requirements, if you do not know your choice of size you can tell us your requirements and provide you with a solution.

2.Q: Where are they commonly used?

A: Wall cladding, interior and exterior decoration, windows and false ceilings, floor coverings, conservatory roofs.

3.Q:Can you give me a price list of your products?

A: Please tell us your specific requirements such as thickness, colour, weight/m2, raw material requirements, end use, etc. and we will give you a quote later, first thing.

4.Q:Can you produce products using our designs?

A:Absolutely. We do OEM and ODM and can produce product packaging based on the design you provide.

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