Sign Plate Manufacturer: The Three Key Points Of Outdoor Sign Design

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When we design outdoor signage, we usually determine the location and size of outdoor signage according to the distance, perspective and environment of the site. Our common outdoor signs and signs

It is usually rectangular and square. When we are designing outdoor signs, we also need to determine according to the specific environment. The integration of outdoor signs and outdoor environment creates a visual aesthetic

What should I pay attention to when designing outdoor signs?

Sign Plate Manufacturer: The Three Key Points Of Outdoor Sign Design

1. Attractive Copywriting And Design

Among the outdoor signs, the most attractive things are the graphics and copywriting. So it is especially important for us to design graphics and write engaging copywriting. Generally speaking, the design drawings are placed

In the visual center, it can effectively grasp the attention of customers, match some readable words, and stimulate resonance. In this way to reflect the authenticity of outdoor signs, dissemination, persuasion

Sex and incitement.

2. Outdoor Signs And Signs Should Be Planned In Advance

When we design outdoor signage, we must have our own goals and strategies. When we design and make outdoor signage, we must conduct market research, analysis and preparation

Measure, and analyze the graphics of the outdoor signs. Language and color have a certain explanatory role. When outdoor signs are applied to society, they will dominate society and economically

Use, and have a subtle influence on the real life.


The most important link in the design of outdoor signs is simplicity. When designing, the overall picture should be concise, the design should have its own characteristics, and give a person a fresh design with a memory point.

Outdoor sign signs to separate out, because the unique outdoor use scene and indoor has essential difference, for example, we will encounter the rainy weather, there will be exposure and so on natural climate interference, so, we need to outdoor sign sign project into more energy to study. According to corsay’s experience in many labeling projects, we have summarized some key points about outdoor sign projects, and the following four aspects need to be paid attention to:

1, convenient maintenance, for outdoor use scene identification signs, a lot of weather external factors are uncontrollable, so in the process of use need to do the corresponding plan, the problem is not terrible, terrible is no solution, so, in the outdoor sign maintenance link, we should have relevant rules and regulations to safeguard, and do the safeguards should be convenient and feasible, professional degree does not need particularly high can solve the problem in time.

2, a certain cost performance, just mentioned the particularity of the outdoor scene, so in some parts that need to be often replaced should consider the cost performance problem, if the high-frequency replacement, generally can not use too expensive materials.

3, reasonable size, the characteristics of the outdoor scene is the interaction with the user distance is relatively far, especially the type of curtain wall sign, some spread distance is dozens of meters or even hundreds of meters, so, when we design sign size should fully consider the distance of the audience, again from the distance can radiation to match the corresponding size, ensure that the size of the design can spread within the expected range of the user groups.

4, moderate brightness, we found that there are always some signs give a person see the dazzling feeling, if the user see the dazzling sign, the first impression is usually not too good, first impression, it is difficult to provide interest in related products or services, so, we also need to work on brightness, especially commercial places, for the user of the sensitivity is very high, businesses hope can through the sign to attract more potential customers, so to give users a good first impression, at least don’t let the sign look dazzling, moderate brightness for the best policy.


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