What Is Corrugated Plastic Poster Board?

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Plastic corrugated board is actually a type of corrugated board, similar to the corrugated structure of cardboard boxes, except that the raw material is plastic rather than cardboard. I have been in this industry for 10 years. Whether it’s long or short, I can have a few beautiful 10 years in life. I have fully invested my most beautiful 30 year old years here. From the initial confusion and confusion, to now I have been dreaming of researching the structure, assembly, and sample production of products.

It can be said that from business negotiations to sample production and process flow, I have mastered quite well and even can be considered an expert. Today, 10 years later, we have finally proven that our product can fully establish itself in fields such as the flexible packaging industry and logistics industry. It has also gained its own resounding name: hollow board!

From the beginning when everyone did not accept or approve, to now when we have entered various fields of our lives, 10 years have been extremely difficult. 10 years ago, when introducing products to customers, we never talked about the central control panel, but only about plastic corrugated boards, and then introduced the same structure as cardboard boxes, which are just a product that will replace cardboard boxes in the future. Sometimes I don’t even have confidence in myself, and after introducing myself for a long time, I don’t even know what this is. Perhaps it’s 10 years of sharpening a sword, perhaps it’s hard work that pays off. We persevered, and only ourselves believe in what we are doing and are right. We are full of passion.

Without a thorough cooling, the plum blossoms smell fragrant.

On the path of exploration and pursuit, we continuously explore and innovate, and have developed a series of products such as anti-static hollow boards, flame-retardant hollow boards, thickened and hard hollow boards, and S-shaped hollow boards. We are fearless and fearless, regardless of whether we succeed or fail. We only believe that success is no less than anyone’s hard work, sustained passion, and the right direction. Our future is bright, and the future of our hollow board product is even more worth looking forward to.

Corrugated paper is a corrugated board shaped material formed by hanging paper and processing with corrugated sticks. Mainly used for product packaging, relatively environmentally friendly.

According to the shape of the corrugated paper,

it is generally divided into three types: V-shaped, U-shaped, and UV shaped. The top of the V-shaped corrugated paper is similar to the vertex of a triangle, while the top of the U-shaped corrugated paper is arc-shaped, and the shape of the UV shaped paper is between the two

Corrugated cardboard boxes are lightweight and inexpensive, allowing for the large-scale production of various ruler pairs. They have very small storage space before use and can print various patterns, making them widely used in the packaging and transportation of finished products.

Structural characteristics of corrugated cardboard and cardboard boxes: made by bonding single-layer or multi-layer corrugated cardboard and flat paper;

Corrugated cardboard and cardboard box performance characteristics: Corrugated cardboard has good compressive strength and shock resistance, and can withstand certain pressures, impacts, and vibrations;

The four main functions of corrugated cardboard and cardboard boxes: 1. Protecting goods 2. Convenient storage and transportation 3. Advertising should be spread 4. Promoting sales

Six advantages of corrugated cardboard and cardboard boxes: 1. Pressure resistance and shock resistance; 2. Suitable for printing; 3. Easy to form; 4. Lightweight; 5. Environmentally friendly; 6. Low cost (compared to other packaging materials)

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