Why Are More And More Companies Turning To Coroplast Sheets To Meet Their Packaging Needs?(3 Reasons)

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In modern economic conditions, packaging has become an integral part of manufacturing and distribution of goods. How to choose the right packaging material to protect the safety of goods, while also taking into account issues such as cost, environmental protection and sustainability. In recent years,coroplast sheets, as a new type of packaging material, has gradually become more and more popular among companies. So, why more and more companies choose hollow sheets to meet their packaging needs?


First: It has excellent physical properties. coroplast sheets are usually made of polypropylene (PP), which is light, strong, impact resistant, moisture and water resistant. Compared with traditional cardboard boxes and foam, it has better protection performance and can effectively protect products from damage during transportation and storage.


Second: It has the design feature of high flexibility. It can be freely cut, bent and folded according to different needs, so it is very suitable for packaging of various shapes and sizes of goods. In addition, hollow panels can be printed with various patterns and texts for advertising and brand promotion.


Third: With low cost and sustainability. Compared with traditional packaging materials, hollow panels are cheaper to make and have the advantages of sustainability and environmental protection. Hollow panels can be reused, and can be recycled and reclaimed without negatively affecting the environment.


In addition to the above aspects, hollow panels have some other advantages, such as easy to process and use, anti-static, safe and non-toxic, etc. In addition, there is a wide range of colors and sizes to choose from, such as coroplast sheets black, which are often used by everyday logistics companies, and coroplast sheets 4 x 8, coroplast sheets 48 x 96, which are used in everyday sizes.


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