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Corrugated Plastic Boxes Manufacturer

JianXin is one of the top 5 corrugated plastic box suppliers in China, we customize all kinds of corrugated plastic boxes for our customers. Our main products include fruit/vegetable boxes, industrial packaging boxes, picking boxes,trash bins,wardrobe box, etc.
JianXin has ISO 9001, TUV, SGS ROHSD etc.
If you need corrugated plastic products, please feel free to contact us. Our experts will get back to you within 24 hours and we also offer free samples.

Various corrugated plastic boxes produced by Jianxin Company

Our boxes are 100% recyclable、Moisture proof、waterproof、printable and unbreakable.100% quality guarantee、favorable price、good pp hollow box、free sample、get a quote,Click on the image to learn more
Folding Corrugated Plastic Box
Reusable Plastic Packaging Boxes
Anti-static corrugated plastic box
Stackable Corrugated Plastic Crates
Corrugated Plastic Seafood Box
Vegetable And Fruit Box

JianXin Corrugated plastic sheet Specifcations


Our corrugated products can be manufactured to any thicknesses between 1.5 and 10mm. Don't worry. We'll help you decide which thickness is best for your needs.


We measure the weight of our products in grams per square meter. Again, we are flexible here, but the higher your gram per square meter (GSM) is, the stronger and solid the material will be.


We can provide you with Corram sheets in any size you need. The length of the sheets can be as long as you need, although the maximum width we offer is 240 cm.


Choose any color you want. Simply send us your preference and we'll provide your product in the right color.


Upon request, we can create your sheets out of 100% virgin polypropylene. We are also able to manufacture sheets out of up to 20% internally recycled polypropylene.


We offer custom options on just about any product or design. Have you got a design in mind? Let us know and we'll take care of it.


We offer a version of our sheets that is fire-retardant. Let us know which fire rating you would need and we can produce the sheets accordingly.


Flexibility is important to us, which is why we give customers the option of printing their own sheets. If you choose that, we will deliver your sheets with a corona treatment so that they'll be ready for your printing.


We offer products with an anti-static finish, which allows you to forget about electrostatic discharge, a leading cause of damage, sometimes bringing difficulties in shipping electronic goods.

Environmental protection

Support the cause of green and environmental protectionand benefit the future generations Environmental protection, non-toxic, recyclable and reproduction

Our story so far

We are a company deeply committed to customer satisfaction, continuously striving to deliver high-quality Coroplast sheets that meet diverse needs. With 21 years in the industry, Well qualified and experienced team members, with advanced technology knowledge and latest production facility supports to fulfill our vision in the best manner& customer satisfaction.


Jianxin plastic products shop was established


We started selling PP corrugated hollow sheet


The annual sales volume reached 8,000,000.


Dongguan Jianxin plastic products Co., Ltd.wasestablished.And we set up the first automated PPsheet
making production line.


2 semi-automatic Die-cutting machines and 2 Ultrasound machines were introduced.


Weestablished thesecond automated production line.


The third automated production line was established.


We obtained lS0900l qualitymanagement certificationand TUV international certification.
Weintroduced automated sample-making machine and established foreign trade department.


We possess 5 automated Pp board production lines.
Automatic Die-cutting machines were put to use.
2 more printing lines were established.
Automatednailing machines were introduced.


Weimproved the office environment and introduced morethan 40 environmental production equipments


The factory was enlarged to 20000 square meters,
We introduced the most advanced color printingequipment and became the first company who possesses color printing machines for PP sheetin Guangdong province.

How To Get The Sample & How Long For The Order Time

Please note that the final cost depends on the customized service you require, the specifications of the raw materials used, the relevant national laws, and the distance of transportation. Take the example of booking a tall container of products:

Step 1: Understand The Design Rationale L(1 Days)

Ensure that the selected materials are appropriate for the intended use by the customer.

Step 2: Provide Drawings And Prepare Materials(2 Days)

Supply design drawings, prepare the necessary materials for the intended use, and arrange for prototyping.

Step 3:Reconfirm Sample Consistency With Customer’s Design. Carefully Package And Ship The Sample (Roughly 3 Day)

Verify that the prototype or sample matches the customer’s design drawings. ecurely package the required samples and coordinate with an international courier service for shipment.

Step 4: Customer Confirmation And Production Details,Confirm Deposit For Bulk Order: (4-15 Days)

Once the customer approves the sample, finalize production and delivery schedules, as well as the details of the Purchase Order (PO) and Proforma Invoice (PI). Confirm the deposit for the large order. The normal production cycle ranges from 4 to 20 days, depending on the specific processes required for the customer’s purchase.

Step 5: Shipping & Handle Customs Clearance (Depends On The Situation)

Schedule the shipment and booking for the bulk order. And manage the customs clearance process and prepare a complete set of clearance documents for the customer.

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